Treatment Approach

Bowen Family Systems Theory






Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


BFST views the family as a single emotional unit. BFST uses systems thinking to understand the dynamic interactions of family members. Family members affect their loved one's thoughts, feelings and actions so intensely that they often become enmeshed and interdependent. Helping a client gain knowledge of how the emotional system operates in his or her own family, work, and social systems can help one develop more effective solutions for solving dilemmas.  BFST can be used in individual therapy, marriage counseling and in family sessions. 


CBT is a form of psychotherapy that is based on the belief that most of how we feel and our behaviors are determined by how we think. CBT helps to challenge one's negative thinking by pointing out alternative ways of viewing situations. By changing how we think, client's can improve how they feel overall. CBT is especially useful in the treatment of eating disorders and anxiety as well as low self-esteem.